Reuse and Recycle…

We all have items that we say we are going to use, but they just end up sitting there collecting dust and probably spiders. We don’t want that, so let’s put some of those to good use! You can use just about anything that you have laying around the house, but they’re probably mostly in the garage, attic, or basement. Our family has started to become more thrifty and trying to use items we already have rather than spending money on something, or throwing it out. This past weekend my husband and son built a backstop so they can shoot their bows and crossbows. Everything they used (except the haybales) were from things we had around the house…even that old rug!

Let’s look into some uses for familiar items we have!

Old sheets. We always keep them, thinking we will use them, but they just sit there all lonely. Here are some great uses:

Reusable cleaning towels

A braided style rug

A dog toy

Smocks for the kids

An apron

A tote bag

Old comforters…I am guilty of having bins of these, because I think I will use them. I am usually wrong. Uses:

A dog or cat bed

Bring it to the beach to lay on

A sleeping bag

A play mat

Forts! You can’t go wrong with those no matter your age!

Glass jars or containers. We have plenty of both, especially disinfectant wipe containers. Instead of putting them in the recycling bin, think about their many uses. You can:

Sort your seeds

Sort your nails

Use them for canning

Flower vases

Store crayons

Store closepins

Store hair ties and barrettes

Store pens and pencils

Old clothing. Socks, jeans, and t-shirts all hold useful purposes!



Polishing cars

Eraser for white boards

Shine shoes


Make a quilt, especially out of ones that hold special meaning

Pillow cases

Towels (especially for hair)

Art smock

Old Jeans. Raise your hand if you have had many throughout the years! There are some great uses for them!

Denim rug



A Quilt

A bag

As you can see there are MANY uses for what is laying around your home, and the list goes on and on. Be creative! Find uses for something before you throw it out, or before letting a spider make its new home. There is beauty in reusing and recycling!

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