When the Storm Comes…

We live in a very hurricane prone area. In the past five years we have had six, including Florence. We only started preparing AFTER the devastation of Florence, but then again the way we live changed drastically after that. How do you prepare, not just for hurricanes, but whatever may happen (as we have learned this past year with the coronavirus)? You make a list. Yes, a list. What would you need to survive one week, two weeks, three months…

Food-You should always have a supply of at least two weeks worth of food. That includes canned foods (meats, vegetables, fruits), oatmeal, rice, soup, peanut butter, instant mashed potatoes, powdered milk, granola bars, Gatorade, juices, and, of course, water (that is one gallon of water, per person, per day)! *Part of the reason we are building our homestead, is so we can have fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk. You should still have a two-week (3 months preferred) of an emergency stockpile. (You can also refer to a previous post I did about our prepper pantry Preparing for Anything… )

Supplies– Flashlights and lanterns, candles, batteries, hand-cranked radio, first-aid kit, bug out bag (which will be in a later blog), manual can opener, flares (or a whistle), battery powered or solar powered phone charger, masks, maps, tools in case you need to turn utilities off or board up windows, garbage bags, sleeping bags, unscented bleach (a great disinfectant and can also be used to treat drinking water), raft for areas of extreme flooding (flash floods can spring up anywhere), matches in a waterproof container, fire extinguisher, gasoline cans, and a generator (always assume you will lose power).

Essentials– Baby items (food, formula, and diapers), feminine products, change of clothes for each person, important family documents placed in a waterproof container, eyeglasses and contact lenses, prescription medications (try to have a three month supply), non-prescription medication, pet food and medication, cash, mess kits (plates, cups, forks, spoons, and knives), books, games, puzzles, pens, pencils, and paper.

We never know what may come. Whether it’s a storm, natural disaster, loss of employment, terrorism, a pandemic, anything. It is not too late to start preparing. Start with the above list, modify and add to it to fit you and your family’s needs.

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