Ride Into the Garden Zone…

Before our homesteading journey, I had no idea there were even garden zones! I just figured you planted whenever, and everything would grow beautifully. As you know from a previous post, I was completely in outer space when it came to that, lol. I actually just realized about garden zones not too long ago! Right now we live in zone 8a, which is in the southeast. What does that exactly mean? Here is a bit of a breakdown of our frost times, and also some vegetables, plants, herbs, and trees you can plant in our climate:

First and last frost dates

Our last frost is between 3/15-4/15

Our first frost is between 11/1-11/30








Fruit Trees and Shrubs
















Flowering Plants



­čî╝Christmas cactus

­čî╝Butterfly bush

­čî╝Indian hawthorn

We generally will have almost 8 months of frost-free growing time, plus you can start some crops earlier indoors. Some vegetables that you can start indoors in mid-February are:










*These seeds will turn into seedlings that you will transplant to the outdoors.

You can also do a second round of veggies for fall and winter crops. You can start seeds inside in August and September. Broccoli and cabbage can get started in early August. Beets, cauliflower, carrots, kale, and lettuce in mid-August, and peas and spinach in early September. All of these should go into their outdoor beds by the end of September. Broccoli and cabbage can go out early in the month, and the rest a couple of weeks later.

I am so glad I have smartened up (sort of, lol), and done my research. It makes for a much less stressful situation, and I am finding joy in planning and seeing my garden thrive! Do you know what zone you are in? What grows best where you live? What are your favorite things to grow! Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Ride Into the Garden Zone…

  1. I should have looked at a Zone map before purchasing land for my herb farm. I thought I was in Zone 5, but a much more detailed map showed a tiny circle in our area that was 4b…and of course, that turned out to be exactly my land! It has been a learning curve, since most of my prior growing years was in 6b.

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