Churn (Shake) That Butter…

We go through a lot of butter, and as most of you know, it is expensive. We love to bake, and we know how much butter that can take! If we can make it AND cut costs, well, I will take it! This is what our journey is about. Below is a recipe for homemade butter! (Make sure you do arm exercises if you decide to do the jar method, lol!)


  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream
  • Large bowl of ice water
  • Stand mixer, or a jar with a tight fitting lid


Pour a pint of the cream into your mixer, or jar. If using a mixer, turn on low speed, then raise to medium speed. If you’re using a jar, start shaking! At first, the cream will turn into whipped cream with soft, then stiff peaks. Keep mixing until the cream breaks. If you’re shaking by hand, you’ll hear sloshing, then you’ll begin to feel something more solid. If you’re using a stand mixer, you’ll see the butter clinging to the beater. This usually takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, but if by hand may take longer. You are separating the butterfat from the liquid. 

Once the butter has solidified, pour off the buttermilk and save it for baking! Scoop the butter into a bowl. Rinse the butter by pouring ice water over it and pressing the remaining buttermilk out with a small spatula or a spoon. Pour off the water and repeat the process. Keep rinsing and squishing the butter with the ice water until the water runs clear. (You can also add a bit of salt at this point if you would like)

Enjoy on toast, crackers, or in your favorite thing to bake!


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