There’s a Garden in My Bucket…

I have talked about planting your garden in the ground, or in garden beds, but what about buckets? This option is great if you live in a small place, rent, or just don’t have the right soil or conditions for growing in the ground. I actually use these to grow tomatoes and lettuce. It is easy to start, and is great if you are just starting out gardening! Just follow the steps below, and you will be on your way!


  1. Buy your 5 gallon buckets. I get them from Lowe’s, but you can get them from Home Depot or anywhere else they sell them.
  2. You will need to drill some holes (I do about 10-12) in the bottom of the bucket. This helps with water drainage and moisture.
  3. Add small rocks to the bottom, as this will also help with drainage.
  4. Fill your bucket with a mix of peat moss, compost, and planting soil. Make sure it is well mixed, and that you leave a little room for planting.
  5. Add your established plants or seeds. Both will work with container gardening.
  6. Make sure to water daily and fertilize at least once a month.

The best vegetable to grow in buckets are:

­čî▒Tomatoes (1 per bucket) *remember to add a stake in the middle to support the plant

­čî▒Cucumbers (1 per bucket)

­čî▒Peppers (2 per bucket)

­čî▒Beans (3 per bucket)

­čî▒Lettuce (4 per bucket)

­čî▒Onions (4 per bucket)

­čî▒Carrots (10 per bucket)

You still get the joy of “regular” gardening, and all the fresh vegetables! If you don’t like the color of the buckets, you can paint them, or add burlap to them. As with any garden make sure they are getting the right amount of sun and water. As I said, it is easy to start, and is great for any type of environment! Now go get your gardening on!

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