Forever Thankful…

What is the first thing you think of when I say Thanksgiving? Turkey? Traditions? Pie? Football? It takes on a different meaning for each and everyone of us. I think that is what makes this country (even in tumultuous times) so unique. For me it means family, playing games, and watching movies. I am grateful for that every single year. But, for many, this time of year can be difficult. They may be away from family. They may have lost someone they love. They may not have a relationship with their family. A number of things can make it a sad time for them. Let’s try to remember to reach out. You never know what light you may bring to their darkness. In a world so torn let us bring unity. It reminds me of a prayer I saw recently:

During the upcoming holiday season let us remember humanity, giving, love, and hope. It is a time for great miracles, and for some WE may be that miracle. My Thanksgiving hope for all of you is to find peace and your dreams (and also pants that will stretch to make room for more pie!). We have so much to offer this world, and I truly believe we can all turn it around for the better. Let us all hold that in our hearts this season. Enjoy your Day, no matter how you celebrate it, and enjoy your pies!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!